Festival of Trees

Every year the Massachusetts Horticultural Society puts on a Festival of Trees at the Garden at Elm Bank, and this year our club has decorated an ‘Enchanted Forest’ themed tree to be one of the many trees on display from now through the end of December.

Visitors to the Festival of Trees may purchase raffle tickets for the the tree (or trees!) of their choice, and the winners get to take their trees home at the end of the Festival. There are quite the variety of different trees, and many have gifts in addition to decorations. Our tree features a fairy at its base, with a bark fairy home door and woodland-inspired decorations.

The festival also features a large indoor model train exhibit, with model trains winding their way through a holiday snow village. Holiday lights and decorations add to the festivities, and visitors can enjoy hot chocolate and s’mores while gathering around firepits.

Tickets for the Festival of Trees are available on the Massachusetts Horticultural Society’s website. Look for our tree there!

Tree Surveys

Over the years, the Holliston Garden Club has planted many trees and shrubs throughout our town of Holliston, MA. In recent years tree surveys were undertaken in an effort to identify the trees planted by the club throughout its history. After going through club records, over 70 trees were identified, including an American Sycamore called the ‘Moon Tree’, which was planted from a seed that traveled on the Apollo 14 Lunar Mission in 1971. To find out more about our trees and to see the results of the surveys, click on our tree survey site.