Holliston Garden Club Tree Surveys

Over the years, the Holliston Garden Club has planted many trees and shrubs throughout our town of Holliston, MA. Our first tree survey was undertaken in 2010 in an effort to identify the many trees planted by the club. After going through club records, over 70 trees were identified, including an American Sycamore called the ‘Moon Tree’, which was planted from a seed that traveled on the Apollo 14 Lunar Mission in 1971 and is located next to the Holliston Police Station. A second tree survey was compiled in 2019 in order to include later planted trees. A few trees have been removed since planting, but many still remain to grace us with their beauty.

Click on the gallery to open up full size photos of each page and scroll through listings of our planted trees.

Tree Survey 1953 to 2010:

Tree Survey 2011 to 2019:

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