Educational Grants and Scholarships

The deadline of April 14th is fast approaching for anyone who is interested in applying for an educational grant or scholarship from the Holliston Garden Club.

Educational grants are awarded annually to Holliston residents or organizations that seek to provide children with educational projects in horticulture or garden-related subjects. Funded grants over the years have supported the planting of tulip bulbs in the Placentino School courtyard, several High School greenhouse projects, window box planting projects with elementary special needs students, materials for the butterfly aviary, and most recently, helped fund the installation of a pollinator garden at Placentino Elemetary.

photos of projects funded by education grants
(photo source: Holliston Agricultural Commission)

Our scholarship was founded by Dorothy (Dot) Stevens, a former Club president who recognized the importance of preserving our natural world and whose dream it was to encourage young people to pursue careers in horticulture. The scholarship began small, with money raised from raffles, plant sales, and donations. The $1,000 scholarship is awarded annually to a candidate planning to major in Horticulture, Botany, Landscape Design Forestry, Environmental Science, Land Management or other garden-related field. High school seniors or college students who are Holliston residents are eligible to apply.

If you are interested in applying for one of these, please visit our scholarship and grants page and send in your application by April 14.

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