Vice Presidents/Programs Job Summary

Second Vice Presidents’ Job Summary:

Programs is a two-member committee. These two members meet early in the year to start collecting ideas for the following calendar year. They are responsible for the months of September, October, the Open meeting in November; December is a club Christmas party, January, February is the clubs annual business meeting; March is the club’s bring a friend meeting; April, May is our annual plant sale with a program that may relate to the sale; June is the club’s end of the year gathering. Once programs are set up, it is up to the committee to set up venues for the meetings, whether at the Senior Center, members’ homes, the Historical Society, or other places. 

Our Open meeting in November has been held at Saint Mary’s Hall; that needs to be set up at least 6 months prior.

Programs may also arrange a couple of day field trips or may do a couple of workshops.

It is advisable to have this new program committee meet with a past program member for suggestions and additional ideas.

                        Karen Pinkham           2022

First Vice Presidents’ Job Summary:

The main role of the First Vice Presidents is to talk to one another in advance to execute the monthly Programs, schedule the Business Meetings and any workshops or events that the club will enjoy during your year in this role.  When possible both VP’s should attend all Program Meetings as you will be responsible for getting the key to open and close the Senior Ctr.

As refreshments are served during this time it’s important for one of you to be in touch with the host.  Usually the host and co-host need to arrive around 6:30 pm to set up tables and chairs prior to the Program and to give enough time for the presenter to set up too. During my tenure as VP, one of us picked up the key from the Senior Center in the morning and the other VP returned the key the next day.  The VP is responsible for locking up, turning off lights and putting in the alarm code to secure the building.

Programs are held in person (when possible) at 7:30 pm on the first Tuesday of every month. If the first Tuesday falls on a holiday weekend you should think about pushing the Program to the following Tuesday.  Make sure that you have a set location for the meeting (we tend to use the Senior Ctr. as they don’t currently charge us for meeting space).

During the in-person programs, VP’s should mention any upcoming workshops or events prior to introducing the Presenter. One of the VPs will need to reach out to the Treasurer for a check to give to the Presenter for the fee that was agreed upon. If a presenter is a club member, one or both of the VP’s should decide on a $25 Gift Card to a nursery or garden as a token of our appreciation.

Business Meetings are held on Zoom or in members’ homes.  Zoom Meetings begin at 7 pm on the last Tuesday of the month. If and when we decide to meeting in members’ homes, we generally begin at 7:30 pm.  At least one if not both of you should attend every Business Meeting so that you can be on the agenda to share upcoming programs, workshops, and/or events. Plus, it’s good to know what’s happening in the club outside of Programs.

Each month one of the VP’s should write an article on the following month’s program and any information they want to share on upcoming workshops or events for the Newsletter (due to Newsletter Chair by 12 Noon on the Thursday after the Business meeting).

If the VPs are hosting workshops, you will need to create a sign-up sheet with the title of the workshop, date, time and place and fee (if there is one) and have it available at the Program Meetings for members to sign up to participate.

VPs are responsible for canceling presenters, contacting venues, etc. if a meeting needs to be cancelled due to the pandemic or another life altering event.

Meet often or chat on the phone with your Co-VP as things can change even some of the best laid plans throughout the year.  Most of all have fun, as you should be proud to see all of your planning come to fruition!!

                                    Lee Guertin           2022

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