Treespotters Job Summary

Treespotters’ MissionThis committee shall be responsible for Arbor Day and community education on the subject of trees. The committee endeavors to fulfill this mission in several ways. The most important is whatever we decide to do for Arbor Day (see Arbor Day Job Summary). Arbor Day, the last Friday of April, provides a focus for tree education in the community. Some of the activities for Arbor Day are planting a tree or trees in town, having an educational ceremony around this, engaging some of the town’s children in an activity such as a poem contest, doing displays for the Library, etc. We also take turns writing a profile of a tree for each month’s newsletter, called Tree of the Month. We might produce articles on sustainability, effects of climate change on trees and the world, native trees, tree horticulture, etc. for our local online newspaper and our website. A tree sale at the annual Plant Sale is another idea. We meet regularly to plan and discuss what we will do. We have functioned without a Chair but work better with one. The focus should be on educating our committee members, our club members and the public on the importance of trees in our world.

            Carol Holly, 2022

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