Join Us in “Sustainability”~ Celebrate National Arbor Day, April 29, 2022

     There is not much to like about the world’s experience with the Covid virus ~ it has held us captive as scientists and global leaders have struggled to find answers. If there is any positive thing, it has given people opportunity for reflection.  For lots of reasons, the question raised is: Are our current practices “sustainable”?

     “Sustainable” basically means “a practice or behavior that enables life on this planet for all species going forward. “ Reflection on an array of areas brings Americans up short.  While developing this amazing country, errors were made: developing and using our energy resources, like coal mining (black lung disease in miners), oil-drilling (an increase in child asthma), and gas exploration (explosions and sink holes where none had been expected).  Our growing  population requires development of community buildings, houses, farms, and avenues of transportation, done with the clear-cutting of old growth forests, which have enabled invasive species to take-over and crowd out indigenous wildlife. Failure to “manage” wildlife sanctuaries and water sources as public resources has resulting in contaminated drinking water for some of the most vulnerable. So, where do we go from here?

     As we begin planning for its 90th year, your Holliston Garden Club has been re-thinking its history of planting a tree for Arbor Day.  Currently, we are focused on educating our members and the community about the value of planting natives. (See separate article: “How Do I Love Native Trees”, by Barbara Gardner.)  In our everyday experience, we may have been taking trees for granted, whether on our own property, in the nearby woods, on our rail trails and conservation land walks, or wherever. Time for “for granted” is over! Native trees have a distinct role to play in sustainability, and so do we as a community of tree lovers!  How, you ask?

     First, become informed about some of our town’s native trees. Drop in to the Holliston Library on any day between April 22 [Earth Day] and May 5th to view the Club’s Arbor Day tree identification exhibit. The exhibit focuses on identifying trees and choosing natives for gardeners think about the coming planting season. Secondly, take a walk along Washington Street to view some of Holliston’s historic trees using the pamphlet created by Sharon Thornton [A QR code is available at the library.] Thirdly, join The Holliston Garden Club as a member or for an “open meeting” by checking out our website:  We are also on Facebook.

     Being a sustainable community means making the choice to re-evaluate our practices and integrating them into a plan that will support all living creatures with nourishment and endurance for the long haul. It takes courage to uphold people and the environment in such a way as to support lives and livelihoods, not just for a few, but for all who inhabit this earthly home. As writer, gardener, and educator Doug Tallamy says: ” We can do this,” “one person at a time, gardening with the intention of restoring biodiversity, each where we live,” “planting natives.”

~ Authored by Jeanne Grandy, Member, Holliston Garden Club, March, 2022

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