Seed Library Job Summary

The purpose of this committee is to offer free seeds to the Town through the public library or another business in Town if the library can’t supply space.  Seeds can be vegetables and/or flowers.

1.     March: Chair sends out an email to the Club’s Google Group soliciting seeds.  Members drop off the seeds at the chairperson’s house. Chair will check to see if they have enough clear bags left over from the previous year to place the seeds in. If not, the zip lock bags can be purchased on Amazon.  If chair doesn’t receive enough seeds from members, they can purchase additional seed packets as this project has a budget of $75.00. 

2.     Late March the chair calls the committee together to sort the seeds into the clear zip lock bags. The bags are placed a compartmentalized container. Each container should clearly state what seeds are in the drawer.  You might have Sunflower, Baptisia, Zinnias, etc. along with Peppers, Carrots, Summer Squash, etc.

3.     Late March the Seed Library gets refilled with the new seeds and the name of the prospective plant can easily be seen.  Folks coming into the library may take seeds from the seed library to plant at home. Thus far the Seed Library is only filled once a year.  In 2022 the seeds were a highlight for patrons of the library and the seeds went quickly.  Whoever chairs this committee in the future should have a sign saying once the seeds are gone they are gone until next year unless they plan to fill the Seed Library 2x in the early Spring.

Lee Guertin    2022

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