President’s Letter

Hello Club Friends:

Welcome to our 87th year gardening as a club!   I hope that this letter finds everyone and their loved ones healthy and well, and that you’ve all enjoyed your garden blooms during this most unusual of summers.
If this pandemic has a silver lining, it’s been the extra time many of us have had to spend in our gardens. 

I’d like to begin by recognizing the club’s flexibility and good cheer in the face of not being able to meet this past spring.  Our newsletter was better than ever, we made do with Zoom, we shared garden photos over email, and our vice presidents pivoted to adjust our events for this coming year.  And with the future of the planet and its stewardship in mind we granted more scholarships than we have in the past; engagement stayed strong, and our final meeting of the year — a pop up to plan for the fall – was a jovial, useful one. 

There’s a saying that the only constant is change, and this year seems to demonstrate that idea as much as any year I can remember.   Like all social clubs dealing with real risk associated with in-person meetings, we are faced with finding creative and fun ways to gather; there may be a bit of reinvention. Some events, like our Open Meeting, won’t be possible this year.   We hope and expect that others, like our plant sale, can safely take place and enjoy the attendance and success we’ve seen in years past.  We will follow the governor’s guidelines to be sure we are sticking with current recommendations, and we’ll be looking for alternatives to postponed or cancelled events that members will find fun and appealing.  Being able to resume our regular activities – hopefully in the spring – will offer us opportunities to be grateful for the simple pleasure of each other’s company. 

I attended Holliston High School’s graduation this year and the class president remarked that the pandemic has challenged us in ways that will make us stronger and more resilient.  I am sure he is right, and I look forward to seeing how the club adapts and finds ways to pursue garden design, floral design, horticulture, and all things related to gardening in a way that keeps our members safe, our interest engaged, and our approach fresh.

With change and creative adaptation in mind, I welcome input from everyone.  Members have suggested online gardening classes, outdoor excursions, online lectures and even online cocktail hours.  A little creativity goes a long way — and this group is nothing if not creative!   
As a relatively new member and serving without a co-president, I invite and welcome guidance and feedback from everyone as we pass what is sure to be a memorable and unique year together. 


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