Plant Sale Job Summary

The purpose of the Plant Sale is to generate funds which are primarily used to pay for the Club Programs.

The Plant Sale Committee is responsible for organizing the sale, purchasing the commercial plants, informing Club members of the need to donate perennials from their own gardens and arranging for volunteers to be available on the day of the Sale.

In the Fall:

–Save the commitment sheet with the names of those who signed up to help at the Sale.

–Determine whether there will be a Container Workshop to sell annuals at the May Plant Sale.  Members have been bringing their dug perennials to the Container Workshop one week before the sale so the plants have time to acclimate to the pot and be priced.

In February:

–Call Paula Colburn at the First Congregational Church, 508-429-8608, press “1”, then ext. 301, to check that the date is available, usually the day before Mother’s Day.  This used to coincide with the Church Yard Sale.  Also confirm we can set up tables on the church green Friday night, the evening before the Plant Sale.

–Confirm with Karen Pinkham (club member) that we can use her card to buy plants wholesale at Cavicchio’s in Sudbury.

–At the Business Meeting confirm the date of the Sale and make sure the information goes into the Newsletter.

–Determine who is doing publicity for local papers/banner across the street/the HGC website and Facebook page.

In March:

–Have club members sign up for one or more shifts for the Plant Sale (3 shifts in total).  This includes signing up for the April/early May Container Workshop.  Determine where the container workshop will be held.

–Make sure members also sign up to Help Dig at member houses, set up tables on the church green Friday evening at 6 p.m., and bring plants/containers/hanging baskets/trays of annuals from a member driveway to the church green Saturday morning, sale day.

–Prepare a newsletter article reminding people of the date of the Sale, their commitment and ask all members to start looking around their perennial beds for plants they can dig, pot and bring to the Sale (5-7 per member).

In April:

–Speak at the April Club meeting.  Encourage members to check out their plants, to pot them early enough for them to get established, and remind those without a garden to look out for one or more really good commercial perennial plant they can donate to the Sale.

–Prepare Newsletter article reminding members of the Sale.

–End of April/early May visit Cavicchio’s and purchase hanging baskets and annuals using the Club Debit Card.  These plants need to be sold since we can’t return them.

In May:

–At the Club meeting once again remind everyone about the Sale and shift commitment.

–Remind members NOT TO SHOP FOR PLANTS before the Sale officially opens and no hoarding of plants!!  Members should not be purchasing plants until at least 10:30.

–Ask the Treasurer to bring at least $200 cash for the cashiers (in ones, fives and quarters).

Valerie Howes ,Co-Chair    2022

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