Native Plant Committee Job Summary

The goal for this committee is to meet together regularly for the next program year to discuss and increase our awareness of native plant horticulture trends and related issues about their importance in our habitat; then to educate in various ways the Club membership and the community as to the benefit of planting natives.

To achieve that goal, the committee will:

  1. meet monthly, usually on the second Wednesday of the month, at 10 am, at a committee member’s home.

  2. share key items from our discussions as articles and photos monthly with HGC members through the HGC Newsletter.

  3. keep abreast of horticulture and environmental trends and ideas, including for Programs, workshop ideas, U-Tube videos, native plant sources, and books of interest to share with HGC and the community and website.

Jeanne Grandy, Chairperson         2022

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