Membership Job Summary

The following are some basic responsibilities of the Garden Club Membership Chair:

As applications for membership come in via either the website, personal request, or the mail, contact each person and thank them for their interest.

  1. Give them a quick over view of the Club.  Explain the application process to them.  Inform them of our dues.
  2. At a Board meeting, share the application and discuss whether to invite her/him to the next meeting or to a later one.
  3. Call the applicant up and invite them to attend a Club meeting.  This gives them a chance to see if the Club is what they expect it to be.
  4. At the meeting, introduce them to the Club members.  Have a Stick On name tag available.
  5. Follow up by phone after they’ve been to a meeting to ensure they want to join.
  6. If they wish to join, inform them of the date/time/place of the next meeting and the topic. At this meeting they should pay their dues and get a copy of the Year Book and, if possible, the name of their mentor.
  7. Order their name tag from Recognition Center Inc. 508-429-5881.  The Club logo is on file at the company.
  8. Order aprons on which the apron company stitches our logo.
  9. Once you have the pin and apron, they can be given to the new member, along with a small plant as a gift, at a meeting.
  10. Be sure the new member is aware of our basic club rules and expectations for an Active Member before being given the apron, pin and yearbook. They should be aware of the time participation takes in their lives and be sure they are able to contribute.
  11. You should send out notifications annually asking for dues payment in a timely manner. Record the payments.
  12. It is also the responsibility of the Membership Chair to keep a record of attendance at each of the Club meetings and Board meetings.  If it becomes apparent that a member isn’t fulfilling their requirement to attend at least six meetings a year (these can be a combination of Board and regular meetings) the Membership Chair informs the Club Presidents who then either write to the member or call to find out if there is a concern or problem that makes it difficult to attend.
  13. Ask for club members to commit to mentoring new members and assign them as soon as possible after they join.

            Julie Pipe, 2011           Debbie Coviello, 2022

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