Library Holiday Decorating Job Summary

The Chair contacts the Library Executive Director to inform her/him when holiday decorating will commence. The Chair contacts her/his committee to meet at the Holliston Library at an agreed-upon date and time to retrieve boxes from library attic. Usually the set up and decorating occurs during the week of Thanksgiving. (Please be advised, no food or beverage is allowed in the library.)

If the town has their annual holiday stroll, then library needs to be decorated to coincide with that event.

The library is responsible for setting up the Christmas tree on main floor near staircase.

The Chair arranges a weekday morning, i.e., 9:00 am, to decorate Christmas tree, library mantle, staircase railing to second floor and main floor rooms and glass cabinets.

Break down of holiday decorations usually occurs sometime after New Year’s Day of the new year. The library staff will break down and put away the undecorated Christmas tree. The library staff will place all the boxes in the attic.

Be sure to inform your committee and the library of the chosen date of the break down.

Judy DeWitt, Chair      2022

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