Hospitality Job Summary

The Hospitality Chair maintains all supplies (tablecloths, paper products, coffee and tea pots, punch bowls, etc.) for club meetings.  The Chair makes these items available for meeting hosts as necessary. They are also responsible for maintaining and updating the commitment sheet sign-up for the next club year (new club year begins after the June Annual Meeting/Year End Gathering).  The commitment sheets should be available at the April club meeting for members to start sign-ups, and be available through the June Annual Meeting for sign-ups.  Along with the co-presidents, the Hospitality Chair contacts members who have not signed up to find out what commitments they want to make (see duties of active members).  We no longer send out lists of individual sign-ups to members.  The commitment sheet is printed every year in the yearbook for members to check.

                        Valerie Howes             2022

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