Holiday Bazaar and Market Place Job Summary 

This committee has only run once and it was determined by the membership to have it run on opposite years from The Festival of Trees. This means the next time we plan for this event will be in November 2023.  In the year leading up to the Bazaar the chair will ask for volunteers to help determine the items we want to make and sell at the Bazaar.

In 2021 the Bazaar was held in December at the Holliston Historical Barn (which is not heated) in conjunction with the Historical Society’s Sale.  It was held on a Sunday from 2:30-5:30PM. The committee strongly recommends holding the event in November so that you can sell fall items in addition to holiday greens.

The chair will need to find a location for the event and have flyers made along with contacting the media. (

Following is a chronological lists of tasks to be done and helpful information related to the Bazaar.

Spring: Chair holds the first committee meeting asking for 10-15 great craft ideas.  When possible, a photo of the idea being offered should be included in the conversation.  At this meeting the committee should determine which crafts they would like to make.  Once decided each committee member should agree to sign up to craft one or more of the items that have been suggested.  Members can work collectively on a craft, in small groups or on their own.

Depending on the craft the committee will decide to make 7 to 30 of the items.

Spring/Summer/Fall: Members create crafts for the sale. Members will need to hold onto receipts for materials purchased and give them to the committee change for signing.

Original Craft items from the first sale were: Ornaments (angels, hanging trees, pinecone gnomes, pinecone reindeer, cork birdhouses), Wreaths, Rope Trees with garnishes, Cards (photo cards and original artwork cards), Candy Cane embellished wreaths, Knit Baby hats, shawls and sweaters, Decoupage Oyster Shells, Framed Watercolor Artwork, Moss Trees, Wooden embellished wreaths and our cookbook.

Best sellers were the wooden wreaths, ornaments, shells and original artwork cards.  As the event took place in Dec. wreaths didn’t sell and they were not properly displayed as guests thought it was part of the décor.

Spring/Summer/Fall: Craft, craft, craft and store items in sealed containers in a cool dry space

Summer: Chair along with Treasurer looks into accepting credit cards or Venmo as this makes shopping easier for folks who drop in and don’t carry money.

Fall: Price items, have members sign up to set up, sell and clean up space.

Make a sign for use outside the location to announce event to passersby’s.

Chair asks Treasurer for $350-$400 to make cash along with the money box.

Get information out to the media

Winter: Report to Club on how event went—what sold-what didn’t- report on how we did financially, etc.

                        Lee Guertin     2022

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