Children’s Ornament Workshop

June/July: Chair contacts the Children’s Librarian to pick a Saturday in December for the Children’s Ornament Workshop from 10:30-12:00 pm.  Remember to mention that this workshop is specifically for children 5-12 years of age and that they must be accompanied by an adult. Book the Gilman Room and if COVID is still a concern book the additional space on the same floor.

September/October: Chair reaches out to the committee to come together with ideas for making an ornament.  The committee usually decides on 6 different ornaments that they want to recreate with attendees.  Best to bring a sample or to have a picture on hand when discussing options.  If there are enough members participating, club members can work in teams of two with one person welcoming the attendees.

Oct/November: Committee members should purchase the materials needed to make their ornament. (save receipts for all purchases for reimbursement). We tend to use the number 30 as a reference to the number of children attending the workshop. Normally, we hold the attendees at 25, but there have been times when a younger sibling comes along and/or someone who may not have signed up in advance so you want to be prepared.  The Chair or a committee member should purchase small candy canes, trays, and table cloths at the Dollar Store.  The trays and candy canes are given to participants by the Greeter upon arrival so that the attendees can carry their finished ornaments from one table to the next and out the door for home. 

November: Chair checks in with the library to see how many children have signed up and their ages. Arrange a time with the librarian to get into the building to set up. Committee members should have their 30 ornaments prepped and ready for the workshop.  If COVID prevents the workshop from taking place in person, the committee will provide kits that will be dropped off at the Chair’s house. The chair will drop off the kits with the children’s librarian who will see that they are passed out.

December: Arrive at library half hour before the participants to unload materials and to set up the space(s).  Have Chair sign reimbursement form (Form can be found on the website). The Chair will get a list of the names and ages of all the participants from the librarian so that they can check in the participants as they arrive.  At 12:00 the committee dismantles the space and throws out any trash in the back dumpster behind the library. 

Mail reimbursement form to the Club Treasurer. If you wish, you do not have to ask for reimbursement from the club and can consider your expenses a donation.

            Lee Guertin     2022

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