Art in Bloom Job Summary

Art in Bloom usually takes place at the Holliston Library. We take about 25 pieces of artwork and enhance them with  floral designs from our members. The art work has traditionally been 5 elementary students, 5 middle school students, 5 high school students, 5 seniors and 5 local artists. The artwork from the schools are picked from the art teachers and not necessarily the best artwork but from a student who could use the recognition. The senior center is a great place to get senior artwork. Artwork is not limited to pictures but can include statues and fabric art, really anything.  It is usually a 3-day affair. It takes the whole club to participate but is very rewarding for the club and for the town. Committees needed are: selection and retrieving of the art work; signage; setup (Cathie Healy owns about 25 pedestals); hosting throughout the show; take down; publicity; and getting the designers and mentoring them. 

                        Cathie Healy   2022

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