Yearbook Committee Job Overview and Summary

To do (arranged by order of pages in yearbook):

  • Update cover page
  • Contact presidents (or can look on for Federation Officers
  • Request yearly letter from Presidents
  • Contact 1st VP’s for any Special Events
  • Find out new officers from Recording Secretary or Nominating Committee
  • Email the club asking for any updates to Committee blurbs and any new committees
    • Email Presidents to see if any Committees need to be deleted (if no one has signed up for two years.)
  • Contact 1st VP’s for Monthly Calendar and contact Hospitality person in charge of commitment sheets for Host/Co-hosts
  • Contact Central South District Director (or can look on for Federation Calendar
  • ‘About Club Membership’ page stays the same
  • Email Membership Chair for membership info
  • Update Past Presidents
  • Contact Hospitality for commitment sheets and update template
  • Contact Presidents and Treasurer for Financial Reports
  • Bylaws are online-only (no longer printed)

Printed copies:

  • Need enough for current membership, extra for new members, and 3 or 4 extra for Federation/extra
  • Obtain 2 to 3 competitive bids from local printers
  • Use existing print spec sheet
  • Ask for volunteers to help proofread
  • Send to Presidents for final proof and edits
  • Provide to graphic designer doing the graphic work and final formatting
    • Graphic designer may ask for document in Word with all formatting removed
  • Obtain final proof
  • Submit to printers
  • Take printed copies to first meeting

Online copy:

  • Obtain pdf of yearbook from graphic designer
  • Send to Website Committee and Historian

             Nina Colburn & Trista Ashok, Co-chairs        2022

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