My Tree My Shrub Committee Job Description

Over the years, the club has planted a number of prominent trees and shrubs around the town (about 20 at this time). Club members volunteer to help maintain one or more of these trees and shrubs by checking on them several times in the spring and summer. The tasks involve weeding under them, doing light pruning if necessary and determining if they need fertilizer. If there are more severe issues or more serious pruning is needed they report that to the chair.

As the chair, you must establish a distribution list and remind the committee of their tasks on a regular basis starting in April/May, then again in June and September. During the summer, try to visit each tree and shrub to see how they’re doing and if not doing well, remind their caretaker to pay them a visit.

If someone quits, it is the chair’s job to find a replacement.

There is a $300 budget for this committee for fertilizer or other maintenance.

Judy Placek, Chairperson        2022

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