Library Beautification Job Summary

Maintaining the Holliston Public Library includes planning and scheduling Spring and Fall cleanups. Spring cleanup is usually done by mid-May, fall cleanup is usually done by late October to mid-November. Send an email to members that have signed up for that committee, decide and confirm a date. Cleanups usually take about 4 hours. Send a ” friendly reminder ” email the week prior to scheduled date. Ask members to bring pruners, rakes etc. Large paper yard waste bags are provided by committee chair. Filled waste paper bags are put next to the dumpster bins in the back of the Library. Call Holliston Highway Dept and let them know bags need to be picked up.

Plant annuals/perennials at base of “Holliston Public Library” sign. Seasonal plantings go in the two containers in front of the Library. Annuals are usually used for Spring, Summer and Fall, evergreen cuttings are used for Winter. During winter season an evergreen wreath is hung above the Library front door and another on the Children’s Room entrance door. 

To set up a Library Summer Watering Schedule, send an email to ALL members by mid-May. Watering is done for 1 week by each member starting on a Sunday and ending on the following Saturday during the month of June and ending in late September. Members need to water container plantings and those at base of HPL sign once a week and at least twice a week during hot, dry periods. Members that signed up during a rainy week where they do not have to water are asked to PLEASE deadhead plants instead. Watering of plants in the ground is recommended during dry periods. 

No need to lug water – hoses and watering can will be available. Sending an email/text to remind members to water during signed up week is recommended.

Send all receipts of expenditures to the Treasurer so that you can be reimbursed.

                        Toni Neal      Co-Chair, 2006 – 2022

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