HGC President Duties and Job Summary

The club year runs from June of one year to June of the next year.  This is a synopsis of the president’s duties for each month of the club year:

Every month: 

–Forward Federation communications to club members.

–Establish an agenda for the monthly business meeting and send to members (ask chairs to send any items they want to discuss/any motions they plan to make)

–Preside at the monthly business meeting according to Roberts Rules of Order.

–Write newsletter article after each business meeting to let members know what is happening.

–President/co-Presidents are ex-officio members of all Standing Committees; chairpersons should notify the president(s) of all meetings held by their committees.


–Discuss the budget with the Treasurer and chairmen and get request for their budgets; co-presidents meet and determine the budget for the next club year.   Remind committee chairs to submit a final budget recommendation to the Treasurer before the June meeting, these numbers are used for the budget.

–May:  Nominating Committee presents the new slate of officers for the coming club year.

June Annual Meeting:

–Election of new slate of officers for the coming year.

–Induction of new officers; newly elected officers assume their responsibilities at the close of the June Annual Meeting.         


–Fill all committee chairperson positions.  As these positions are filled give the information to the Yearbook and Hospitality Chairs.  The Yearbook chair is most urgent, then the Open Meeting chairperson.

–Support the production and help collect content for the Yearbook.

January Executive Business Meeting:

–Select a past president for the Nominating Committee and recruit members to help.


–Meet with committee chairs and get topics they’d like to bring up at the February Planning Meeting.

April Business Meeting:

–Second Vice-Presidents present the programs for the coming year at the April Business meeting.  In May the programs are presented to the general membership.


In the newsletter remind committee chairs to update their e-job summaries.

     Valerie Howes        2022

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