Central and Fiske Streets Pot Job Summary

This project works well with two to three people. The large pot on the corner of Central and Fiske gets redesigned seasonally. In late March/early April we empty the pot of all the greens.  In late April early May we return with potting soil, and plants such as pansies, grasses, tulips that can withstand the cold. In June we remove the pansies and the tulips and add geraniums and impatiens, as those flowers can handle the heat without a lot of watering. There’s usually one person on the committee in charge of watering on a weekly basis. Late September we take out the flowers and add mums, cabbages, and pumpkins. In November before the soil gets too hard, we add greens, berries, red twig dogwood, pinecones, etc. We try not to make any monetary purchases for the winter arrangement and only use items that we can find in our own yards or foraging in the woods.

            Lee Guertin      2022

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